Celine Dion

Celine Dion is an internationally-acclaimed Canadian singer with a distinctively powerful vocal style. She was born in Quebec, and released her first album at the age of 13, “La voix du bon Dieu,” to very positive reception locally. Her debut was recorded in her native French, but soon after its release she learned English in order to reach a wider audience, and she has recorded several albums in both languages.

Her 1996 album, “Falling Into You,” is some of her most popular work and established her reputation as a singer of love songs and ballads. It sold more than 11 million copies in the United States and over a million in Canada. Her next album, 1997’s “Let’s Talk About Love,” was another major success, and set the record for most albums sold during the first week of release in Canada. The album included “My Heart Will Go On,” which was used as a theme song for the movie Titanic and was a number-one hit in countries across the world. The song is Dion’s most famous work and is the eighth most popular single in history.

In 2002, she signed on to a three-year contract as a resident performer in Las Vegas for her show, “A New Day...” At the time, this was an unusual career move, but it is still considered the most successful residency ever, since the show frequently sold out even in its final year. The second most successful residency is her show “Celine,” which ran for several years, from 2011 to 2019. Dion’s shows typically include elaborate visuals and dance to go along with renditions of some of her greatest hits. Her album “Encore un soir” was released in 2016, and it was number one on the charts in several French-speaking countries, including Canada, France and Belgium. 1.5 million copies sold internationally. Dion’s husband died in January of that year, and the pop star Pink wrote a song for her in tribute to him. The result, “Recovering,” was released in 2016 and is featured on Dion’s album “Courage.” “Courage” is her first English release since 2013 and her 12th album in English.

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